As your REALTOR® I will:

1.   Act as your trusted consultant by conducting4241754 an information and counselling session to identify your needs and goals and to plan the search for your perfect home.

2.   Provide you with information on qualified mortgage specialists.  Offer to arrange a pre-qualifying or pre-approval meeting with your chosen lender.

3.   Complete a thorough market search to identify all properties that match your needs, wishes and price ranges and then save you time by previewing the list.

4.   Be available to you at your convenience for property showings.

5.   Prepare a written Comparative Market Analysis and provide counsel prior to you making an offer.

6.   Prepare a written offer to purchase on the property of your choice, reflecting your price and terms and ensuring your interests are protected.

7.   Represent you and negotiate on your behalf on all offers to purchase.  I will keep your position confidential.

8.   Obtain and review with you the seller’s property disclosure statement and (if applicable) all strata documents, including the by-laws, rules, plans, budgets, financial disclosures etc.  When necessary and appropriate, I will refer you to professionals to ensure you receive the counsel you need and your interests are protected.

9.   Obtain a title search and review with you any liens, restrictive covenants, easements etc.

10. Recommend professional resources such as property inspectors, lawyers/notaries, and, where applicable, review the findings and remedies with you.

11. Provide you with a list of all amenities in the area such as schools, shopping centres, parks, recreation centres, Churches, Clubs, and any trade resources and services you may be interested in.

12. Monitor and communicate to appropriate parties, the status of any subject removals.

13. Be present at property inspections. 

14. Contact you after the closing to assure the satisfactory completion of all service details.

15. Contact you after you have moved in to your new home to ensure all is well and address any questions or concerns you may have.